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since 2006

In January 2006, Deanna Cochran, RN, CHPN founded Quality of Life Care (QLC), LLC, to bring awareness, information, resources and support to people and their families living with life-limiting illness*, as well as to their circle of family, friends, and trusted advisers. QLC develops programs that inform and assist the consumer and professional both regarding end-of-life issues. New programs are being launched in 2014 to enable home health and hospices to address 2 target areas of service.

This website is one of the projects of QLC that was active from 2008 - 2009. Before this website, Deanna blogged with the Austin American Statesman so when they shut down their reader blog section, she began writing here. The main purpose of this website was to bring food for thought. Deanna wrote from her experiences and threw in whatever else was of interest.

“I wanted the site to be more personal and thought provoking than strictly educational or heavy on opinion. I brought bits of my life and thoughts here. I wanted to share with the visitor that even though I’m in this field, the issues surrounding illness, dying and death affect me just as profoundly.” Her easy conversational style is a departure from other educational and resource based websites. “There are many websites on-line already that are strictly educational; I have listed them on the right hand side of the page on top of and underneath the videos.”

Although this website has not been actively posting from 2009 - February 2014, it remained in existence for resource purposes.  Deanna continued to get letters and feedback from the articles. She now spends her time developing programs to assist families, professionals and businesses to assist people at the end of life. Please visit:A Gentle Guide, Accompanying the Dying–a Practical Guide and Awareness Training,  and the End of Life Professionals Collective™

Quality of Life Care, LLC

Mission: To build a bridge of support for families from the time period from diagnosis through bereavement.

Vision: QLC envisions a world where every person has access to high quality care to relieve suffering prior to the beginning of hospice services, especially during the time of irreversible, declining health. QLC also envisions a world where people know what to do during the imminent dying period.

Values: The sharing of information to enhance quality of life is what guides every action within QLC.

Focus: QLC focuses on the time period between “when-cure-driven-treatments-begin-to-stop-working” and bereavement.


1. To inform the:
• People with life-threatening illness
• Primary caregiver
• Immediate family of the ill person
• Circle of friends, family and trusted advisors surrounding the immediate family.
• Students in the various fields of healthcare
• New professionals in end-of-life care
• Direct-care medical professionals including physical, occupational and speech therapists, home health, etc.
• Ancillary professionals to the medical field, i.e.: Assisted Living and Nursing Home administrators and their personnel
• Professionals surrounding direct physical care: hospital discharge planners, case managers, medical social workers, chaplains
• Non-medical professionals closely involved with families

2. To provide additional resources for medical and non-medical professionals who will be assisting people with life-limiting illness.

3. To bring into awareness various thoughts, rituals, healing modalities, beliefs and practices.

Topics: Palliative care, concerns of the elderly, end-of-life, leaders in palliative care, news articles, dying and death

This site’s ultimate purpose is to
share experiences and information which may help the seriously ill, their primary caregiver, and the circle of family, friends and trusted advisers around them.

*Life-limiting illness has many faces: a debilitating illness that is not life-threatening * life-threatening illness that is not terminal * terminal illness * the predictable, natural decline in the health of an elder * an unforeseen mental/physical decline of a loved one * chronic, end-stage disease processes

About Deanna

Huge Note!! The contents of this website are my opinion only. The articles written by other writers are their thoughts only and not endorsed by me. My purpose here is to bring food for thought. You are totally responsible for your own research and decisions regarding the matters that affect your life.